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Media Watch- December 17

Poland’s outgoing government loses confidence vote, paving the way for a new centrist administration


Donald Tusk becomes Poland's new PM


Poland's new PM Tusk makes policy speech, asks MPs to back his Cabinet


MPs debate new PM Tusk's plans for government

Polish lawmakers have discussed the policy plans of the country's new Prime Minister Donald Tusk, offering a mixture of support and criticism of his proposals.


Global reception of new Polish government

A selection of responses from the world's press to the new Polish government headed by Prime Minister Donald Tusk.


US-Poland alliance 'will continue' after change of gov't in Warsaw: White House


Radosław Sikorski returns as Poland's top diplomat


Polish FM, US state secretary discuss Ukraine aid

Poland's newly appointed top diplomat Radosław Sikorski and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken have discussed further support for Ukraine in the face of Russia's war of aggression, according to the foreign ministry in Warsaw.


Poland's new prime minister vows to press the West to continue helping neighboring Ukraine


Better News for NATO From Ukraine’s Battlefields

The best defense is supposed to be a good offense. But in Russia's war against Ukraine, the best defense seems to be defense itself.


With a New Leader, Poland Prepares for a Course Change in Europe


Who Is Donald Tusk, the Man Who Retook Power From Poland’s Right-Wing Leaders?


Poland scraps renewed probe into 2010 presidential air crash


Poland will get an advance payment of EUR 5 billion in financial aid from the European Union and has also requested a first payout of EUR 7 billion from the bloc's post-pandemic recovery fund after Brussels agreed to unblock frozen cash in response to the new government's steps to restore the rule of law


Polish missile defence site set for launch in 2024

The US Navy is completing work on a missile defence site in Redzikowo, northern Poland, which is due to be launched next year to strengthen NATO's defences against a potential threat from Iran


Poland Needs to Resolve the Trucker Blockade and Fast

The outgoing government in Warsaw has sat on its hands while the far-right exploits the worsening situation. The beginning of the end may come in the next few days.


Polish official urges US to continue supporting Ukraine

Jadwiga Emilewicz, the Polish government's representative for Polish-Ukrainian relations, has urged the United States to continue supporting war-torn Ukraine during talks in Washington.


Polish president hails 'historic decision' to open EU accession talks with Ukraine, Moldova


Poland marks 42 years since communists declared martial law


International peace light reaches Polish presidential palace

The Polish presidential couple have welcomed a special flame known as the Peace Light of Bethlehem, part of an international Christmas tradition.


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