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Media Watch- December 12

How U.S. weakness emboldens Moscow and Beijing

Five takeaways from the Biden-Putin call

Biden-Putin call didn’t resolve Ukraine crisis: Polish security official

Ukraine: Putin’s Dangerous Illusion

Much More Than Just Ukraine

A failure to prevent further Russian advances into Ukraine will have ramifications across the South Caucasus and Central Asia.

Six ways Russia views Ukraine — and why each should worry the West

For the Kremlin, Ukraine represents the ultimate battle between Moscow and its Western rivals.

War-weariness in Russia as military tension with Ukraine rises

Russia's troop buildup on the Ukrainian border is not just a message to Kyiv and its NATO partners. The show of force is also aimed at a domestic audience. But at home, that message may be falling on deaf ears.

Polish FM advocates 'most severe' sanctions against Belarus

Polish FM calls for NATO unity amid 'aggressive stance' by Russia, Belarus

NATO must adapt to new challenges: Polish defence minister

Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian lawmakers decry Russia, Belarus over aggression, migrant crisis

Germany's Olaf Scholz pays inaugural visit to Poland

China Is Losing Ground in Central Europe

Poland signs deal to buy 300 military vehicles from US: defence minister

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