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Media Watch - December 11

Issue of WWII damages from Germany still open: Polish deputy FM in Berlin

'Russia's sole aim is to create crisis': Polish UN envoy

Negotiate? - Europe made that mistake already with Hitler - Slovak Foreign Minister in Kyiv

Poland reverses course, accepts German air defense system

Defence minister says work beginning to deploy German air defence systems to Poland

Spat Over Patriot Missiles Reveals Deepening Rifts in Europe Over Ukraine

Poland has taken in over 8.32 million refugees from Ukraine

NATO: A Patriotic Response to Save Ukraine

First delivery of S. Korean heavy weapons comes to Poland

US approves $4B sale of Abrams tanks to NATO ally Poland

The Biden administration on Tuesday approved a nearly $4 billion sale of advanced tanks, other combat vehicles and a large amount of assorted weaponry to NATO ally Poland at a time of heightened security concerns because of the war in neighboring Ukraine.

Putin again accuses Poland

There are nationalist organizations in Poland that dream of seizing the western territories of Ukraine, Russian leader Vladimir Putin said.

Is Belarus Preparing to join Russia’s War? Maybe

Rau and Blinken praise Poland-US ties

Poland's Minister of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken lauded mutual ties and NATO's unity amid Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, speaking at a joint press conference on Friday in Washington, D.C.

Justice Minister criticizes PM over European issues

International experts: no traces of an explosion in Smolensk

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