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Media Watch- August 7

Chinese Influence in Poland

Polish decision-makers have also grown weary of Chinese promises and Poland’s importance to Chinese Communist Party’s influence operations in Europe is low.

Shadow of Chernobyl looms over Europe again: Polish deputy FM

Poland welcomes 5.3 million refugees from Ukraine

Russia’s Military Grows Afraid of the Long War

Warsaw condemns Russian attack on Ukraine’s Chervonohrad district near Polish border

Massive cyber attacks on the Polish army

Poland, Estonia ready to help Ukraine with EU entry talks: FM

War reparations from Germany: parliamentary report coming soon

Pelosi’s Taiwan trip highlights Sino-US rivalry: Polish deputy FM

Polish Tatra Mountains, that’s really cool!

While most of Poland has recently sweltered in temperatures of over 30°C, the Tatra Mountains recorded their coldest ever July as temperatures plunged to minus 5.7°C 21.7°F, the website wrote.

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