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Media Watch- August 6

NATO’s Future Must Be Global

Nervous NATO nations are beefing up security due to Wagner fighters across their borders in Belarus

Conflict in Ukraine Tests NATO’s Borders

Poland and Lithuania say they fear provocations from Russia and Belarus at NATO's eastern flank

Poland and Lithuania, on NATO’s eastern flank, warn against ‘provocations’ from Wagner forces in Belarus.

By Monika Pronczuk

[Before joining the NYT, Monika lived in the DC area, was a member of PAC WMAD and editor of our newsletter. – TM]

Poland prepares for threat from Wagner troops in Belarus

Will mercenaries try to infiltrate Poland?

Mateusz Morawiecki has reported that there is a growing threat from the Wagner Group's presence in Belarus.

Lithuania to reinforce border with Belarus amid threat from Wagner Group

Poland prepared to ensure security of NATO's eastern flank: defence minister

Poland, Lithuania discuss plans for complete closure of border with Belarus

Polish defence minister, US counterpart discuss security amid tensions with Belarus

Be Very Afraid of a Defeated Ukraine

Poland, NATO allies have big advantage over Russia in Suwałki Corridor

Authorities in Belarus are afraid of Pole Cards

Poles are forced to renounce their nationality

Poland says two Belarusian helicopters violated its airspace, adding to tensions

Ukraine calls in Polish ambassador over presidential aide’s remarks

Poland wants good relations with Ukraine, says deputy FM

Poland, Ukraine united by shared history, opposition to Russian aggression

Ukrainian envoy hails Poland's role in upcoming peace talks

Poland detains Belarusian suspected of spying for Russia

Poland’s Internal Security Agency has detained another suspected member of a Russian spy network, taking the total number of arrests in an ongoing investigation to 16, the country’s interior minister said on Friday.

Parliament has passed the Lex Tusk

The Sejm has finally passed an amendment to the law on the commission to investigate Russian influence in Poland.

My Rising ‘44

By Amb. Aldona Woś [former US Ambassador to Estonia – TM]

“For me, the story of the defense of Warsaw is not only a national epic from the Old Country, but also a personal one: my family fought in the Rising.”

Warsaw pays tribute to WWII freedom fighters

Polish president commemorates victims of Nazi German terror in WWII Warsaw

Ceremonies commence on 80th anniversary of Treblinka death camp revolt

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