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Media Watch- August 27

Poland never renounced war reparations from Germany, says deputy FM

We must tell the truth about German crimes each and every day

Prigozhin's plane crash echoes 2010 Polish air disaster in Russia

Too Little, Too Late: Ukraine Pays

Western peacemongering risks a bigger and worse war later.

Poland, Ukraine must stand united against Russia: Ukrainian deputy PM

Poland and Ukraine must not let Russia divide them and instead stand united against Moscow’s aggressive policies.

Polish president discusses regional security with NATO chief, Baltic leaders

Polish prosecutors help document Russian war crimes in Ukraine

Polish special forces to help protect critical maritime infrastructure from Russia

At Risk of Invasion or Lovely to Visit: Two Views of a Polish Border Area

State Department approves AH-64E Apache sale to Poland, part of $12 billion package

Apache helicopters, Abrams tanks will help Poland deter Russia: defence minister

Poland’s Leader Says Russia’s Moving Tactical Nuclear Weapons to Belarus, Shifting Regional Security

Polish, Portuguese presidents discuss support for Ukraine, threat from Belarus

Andrzej Duda on Russian nuclear weapons

Presidential aide warns of attempts by Russia, Belarus to destabilise Poland ahead of elections

Polish National Broadcasting Council (KRRiT) Chairman M. Świrski on the fining of Radio Zet: Fake news caused concern!

Will the referendum be binding?

About half of polled Poles do not intend to take part in the referendum

Platform vice chairwoman compares PiS to the Taliban

Izabela Leszczyna accused the current ruling party of being stuck in a distant past that Poles would like to forget as soon as possible.

Changes on the German border will hit Poland

Sealing the German border will cause tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who wanted to enter Germany to stay in Poland.

On the Polish border with Ukraine, war wounded find refuge, care

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