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Media Watch- August 20

Salami-Slicing: Slice Back

War is moving ever closer to NATO’s borders. The alliance should respond sooner rather than later.

Moscow risks war with NATO, warns ex-commander amid Black Sea tensions

Russians Will Accept Nuclear Doomsday

NATO Must Respond to Russia’s Provocations in Belarus

By Ian Brzezinski

EU redirects funds from Russia and Belarus to Ukraine and Moldova

Abandoning Hope on Russia Sanctions? Don’t

There’s no way to know when Western sanctions will crack Russia’s economy, but there are promising signs.

Poland’s ruling party focuses on security in campaign for third term

Two Russians detained for propaganda activities in Poland

Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ABW) has detained two Russian citizens who were reportedly engaged in propaganda operations on behalf of Russia's special services.

Russia recruited operatives online to target weapons crossing Poland

Russian intelligence recruited Ukrainian refugees in Poland to sabotage weapons shipments to Kyiv, but the effort become another embarassment for the Kremlin.

Polish authorities dismantle Russian sabotage network

Poland among Europe’s leading ammunition producers

Poland's government wants to ask voters loaded questions on border security as part of election

Polish government draws up questions for voters, opposition calls foul

NGO opposition to the referendum

More than 40 NGOs have issued a joint position on the referendum to be held in conjunction with the October 15 parliamentary elections. .

Tensions between Ukraine and Poland over grain hint at exhaustion from war

Neighboring Poland has been one of Ukraine's staunchest supporters since Russia's invasion but tensions have flared over new limits on Ukrainian grain sales.

Why tensions have been growing along NATO’s eastern border with Belarus

Polish, Latvian presidents discuss security, tensions with Belarus

President submits bill to boost Poland’s ability to combat external threats

Former Polish president Walesa tells youths to reject socialism

By Marc Thiessen

In Europe, Few Even Want to Talk About Trump Part 2

The prospect of a second presidential term for Donald J. Trump has many officials worried about alliance cohesion, NATO and the war in Ukraine.

Planes, weaponry on parade as Poland celebrates Armed Forces Day

Poland showcases military might in a parade as war rages in neighboring Ukraine

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