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Media Watch- August 14

War in Ukraine has exposed the truth about Europe

How did the EU allow itself to be caught out by the rise of Russian imperialism?

Tech Sanctions Against Russia Are Working

The West Has Forgotten How to Keep Secrets

Russian military planners now have access to a treasure trove of European data which can be used to circumvent Western defenses.

Preparing the West for the Coming China Crisis

Europe’s Energy Crisis May Get a Lot Worse

Do Americans understand the stakes across the Atlantic?

Ukraine war felt around the globe: Polish ambassador to UN

Ukraine says Russian oppression smacks of 1930s USSR

Russian economy falters as sanctions bite

While Western sanctions have not succeeded in forcing the Kremlin to stop its war in Ukraine, they have hurt the Russian economy more profoundly than previously thought, a Polish newspaper has reported.

Storm Clouds Build Over Putin’s War

There can now be no doubt: Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has produced a durable “rally round the flag” effect. The rising tide of public sentiment, however, may be pushing the regime towards dangerous shoals.

Polish UN representative urges Russia ‘to drop its neo-colonial agenda’

Polish government to introduce a visa ban for Russian citizens

Poland welcomes almost 5.5 million refugees from Ukraine

Poland vows fiery response over blocked EU funds

How Hungary and Poland could shatter the EU’s power

Euro adoption would mean ‘radical impoverishment’ of Poles: ruling party leader

Mysterious mass fish kill in Oder River: Climate change or poison?

Polish PM fires officials over mass fish die-off in river

What killed tons of fish in European river? Mystery deepens

Laboratory tests following a mass die-off of fish in the Oder River detected high levels of salinity but no mercury poisoning its waters

Poland deploys troops as dead fish pile up on river bank in toxic disaster

More dead fish in another Polish river

Poland remembers victims of Soviet secret police 85 years on

Tens of thousands of ethnic Poles killed in the former USSR in the late 1930s were remembered at a memorial ceremony in Warsaw on Thursday.

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