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Media Watch- April 23

Polish gov’t adopts resolution to seek WWII damages from Germany

Reparations from Germany again

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Revolutionizes NATO Military Strategy

Letter to the Editor: NATO could negotiate with Russia

[Totally naïve, as expressed in the comments to this letter.]

A Deal With Russia? It Can Only Bring Disaster

Wars end with agreements, we are repeatedly told. But they also need goodwill and a desire to settle, which Russia lacks.

Europe — Too Soft, Not Enough Power

Much has been made over the years of the European Union’s soft power. That worked for a while but a harder-edged vision is needed in a continent at war.

NATO Agrees Ukraine Will Become a Member

All NATO members have agreed that Ukraine will eventually join the military alliance, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced on Friday.

Poland highlights help for Ukraine on World Heritage Day

U.S. tanks might arrive soon, but Ukraine’s allies are struggling to meet other weapons pledges.

Western Weapons Supplies Fall Short of Ukraine’s Needs, Documents Show

Russia uses multiple channels to spread disinformation about its invasion of Ukraine

Polish MEP slams attempts to ‘whitewash’ Russia’s image through sport

Poland detains three more suspects in Russian spy ring case

Panel asks prosecutors to probe 2010 Polish air crash as 'possible assassination of president'

Poland, US sign deal to share space information

Export-Import Bank of the United States Issues a $3B Letter of Interest for U.S. Nuclear Exports to Poland

Cyber attack on Polish stock exchange

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising commemorated on 80th anniversary

Germany asks Israel, Poland for forgiveness for Warsaw Ghetto liquidation

Herzog: Uprising was emblem of heroism • Duda: We bow our heads to those who fought hatred

Israeli president hopes for 'dialogue and friendship' with Poland

President Duda’s interview with the publication Israel Hayom

“Warsaw Ghetto Uprising part of our shared history”

Private TV interview on Jews sparks officials’ outrage

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