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Media Watch- April 2

Polish report on WWII losses will be distributed in Germany

Human rights in Poland are being violated – US State Department report

Architect of Poland's economic transformation on election campaign

According to the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and former Governor of the National Bank of Poland (NBP), this year's [fall] elections will be as important and groundbreaking for Poland as the 1989 elections, which resulted in the end of the 45-year rule of the Communist Party.

Foreigner held on suspicion of spying for Russia

Russia steps up efforts to build anti-Western coalition: analysi

Poland to produce 100 Rosomak military vehicles for Ukraine

Poland, EU seek to boost munitions production

President approves 15-year plan for Polish armed forces

US Congress OKs sale of Hellfire missiles to Poland

Europe’s New Armies — Don’t Bungle It

Baltic Pipe fully ready

The Baltic Pipe pipeline, which connects Poland with Denmark and Norwegian deposits, has achieved its target capacity

NBP Governor opposed to euro adoption

According to the head of the central bank, the zloty is one of the components of Poland's economic success.

Poland is already in recession

According to a member of the Monetary Policy Council, the inflation problem is unfortunately not over and has settled in Poland.

Thousands of Poles march to honour legacy of Pope John Paul II

Poland marches defend John Paul II from abuse cover-up claim

Polish PM condemns IOC’s ‘outrageous’ decision to let Russian athletes return

Teenagers on What Their Families’ Native Languages Mean to Them

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