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Media Watch- October 30

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Leadership during crisis

Video: Polish Prime Minister on war in Ukraine and European energy crisis

Poland demands EUR 1.3 trillion in compensation from Germany for WWII losses

What does Poland demand in its note diplomatique to Germany?

Putin’s next escalation is coming. How should the West respond?

Russia's Comments about a "Dirty Bomb" Betray the State's Weakness

With Western Weapons, Ukraine Is Turning the Tables in an Artillery War

More signs indicate Russia's invasion of Ukraine could be unraveling

Biden Faces New Challenges Holding Together a Coalition to Support Ukraine

A Power Balance Shifts as Europe, Facing a Gas Crisis, Turns to Africa for Help

Putin Is Onto Us

When it comes to energy, the West wants five incompatible things at once.

On Ukraine and on Energy, Germany Is Upsetting Its Allies in Europe

Foreign Outreach Belies Putin’s Nuclear Threats

In the past week, the Kremlin's nuclear blackmail has acquired a somewhat exotic character.

Russia’s Garbled Nuclear Missile Message

Western Progressives and Reactionaries for Putin

Poland welcomes 7.39 million refugees from Ukraine

Three Inquiries, but No Answers to Who Blew Holes in Nord Stream Pipelines

Denmark, Germany and Sweden are all investigating the ruptured pipeline sites, but they remain tight-lipped over who might have caused the damage and why.

Baltics Bring Down the Shutters on Free Migration

Border security has been made a high-sensitivity issue for NATO’s eastern members as Russia and its allies politicized frontier management.

Polish "container town" opens near Ukraine's capital

A residential facility, built from shipping containers provided by Poland, has opened in Vasylkiv, a town near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.

Poland interested in joining NATO's nuclear sharing program

Poland chooses US to build its first nuclear power plant

Polish PM confirms nuclear power project with US

Poland's prime minister has confirmed that his country will team up with the United States and American company Westinghouse to build its first nuclear power plant.

Poland removes Red Army memorials as Russia wages war in Ukraine

The Polish government has moved to dismantle four more monuments to the Soviet Red Army in various locations around the country, saying they symbolised a system that is still part of the Russian mindset and that contributed to Moscow's brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Another conflict between the EC and the Polish government?

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