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Media Watch - January 29

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Poland urges Council of Europe resolution on WWII damages from Germany Ukraine war 'is our common fight for security and freedom of Europe': Zelensky at the College of Europe in Warsaw War in Ukraine and the threat to Poland Poland at forefront of efforts to support Ukraine Poland is leading Europe’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine Support for Ukraine: Poland is the engine, Germany is the brake Warsaw's new proposals on sanctions against Moscow Polish president says he is working to help bring peace to Ukraine “We would help” if Russia invaded Poland: Czech president Storm after Sikorski's words continues [See ] Ukraine War Accelerates Shift of Power in Europe to the East The war has raised the influence of Central and Eastern European countries with negative views of Russia, amplified calls to expand the E.U. and NATO, and dimmed the power of France and Germany. Germany announces it will send Leopard tanks to Ukraine Western Tanks Are Coming to Ukraine, but Will They Be Enough? Western allies have pledged to send at least 105 tanks, far less than Ukraine says it needs, and it may be months before they join the battle. How Western Tanks Will Make a Difference in Ukraine Ukrainian FM thanks Poland for helping build 'tank coalition' Can Germany Be a Great Military Power Again? Leery of Russian aggression, Europe’s economic giant is making a historic attempt to revitalize its armed forces. It has a long way to go. The European Union’s Evolving Military Capability Poland receives Patriot air defence system from Germany Russia’s War Breathes New Life Into a Cold War Symbol [Radio Free Europe] Russia’s Return to Gulag Economics Putin’s regime is seeking inspiration from the Stalin era to fill huge gaps in the labor force. Russia not invited to Auschwitz liberation anniversary event in Poland Video: Postwar Betrayal of Hero Allied Generals [11 min.] Spanish museum returns 2 paintings looted by Nazis to Poland

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