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Media Watch- October 22

Poland’s ruling conservatives win parliamentary election, but lose majority: final results


Poland’s opposition parties win Senate elections


Poland’s Robust Democracy Delivers Change


Poland election results favor the opposition in a political earthquake


Poland's voters reject their right-wing government, but many challenges lie ahead


What unites and what divides the winning three opposition parties


OSCE on elections in Poland


How the world views the Polish elections

A review of press reports from around the world on Poland's recent general election.

Much of the world's press views the election in traditional political terms of "right-wing" and "left-wing", missing some core issues.


Poland's president invites party leaders to discuss formation of new gov't


Poland's largest opposition party names Donald Tusk as its pick for PM


America looks forward to working with Poland’s next government


Biden says US can't let Russia win in Ukraine, move 'into Poland'


If not stopped in Ukraine, Putin could threaten Poland, others, Biden warns


Ukraine Fatigue: The Real Cost

The national security of the US is inextricably bound up with Ukraine. Defeat there spells doom elsewhere.


Rally in solidarity with Israel planned in Warsaw


Polish special forces achieve key NATO certification

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