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Media Watch- February 13

US Dept. Of State: Joint Statement on the Strategic Dialogue Between the United States and Poland

Moscow’s Continuing Lies about Katyn ‘Analogous to Holocaust Denials’

America’s Russia Policy Has a Biden Problem

Making Poland’s Military Great Again

Europe on the verge of war: Polish PM

Biden vows decisive response if Russia attacks Ukraine

The Pentagon is sending 3,000 more troops to Poland.

U.S. intelligence says Putin has accelerated his timetable and could invade within days.

European leaders say they seek peace, and warn Russia of retaliation for any aggression against Ukraine.

Europe Calls for Peace, but Not at Any Price

A Once Firm Antiwar Alliance Splinters Over Ukraine

Europe Is on the Brink of War, and Germany Has Gone Missing

US Tech Sanctions Will Hit Putin Hard

Time to look at Russia from Polish perspective: German daily

Germany won’t scrap Nord Stream 2 even if Russia invades Ukraine: report

British PM in Warsaw: Poland is critical to European security

Shining a Spotlight on the Art of Translation

Jennifer Croft, who translates the Nobel Prize-winning Polish novelist Olga Tokarczuk, is leading a push for her peers and their work to receive more recognition.

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