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Media Watch- October 16

Report on Polish WWII losses presented at Council of Europe

Shoring Up Ukraine’s Air Defenses

The U.S. and its allies are speeding up weapons deliveries after missile attacks by Russia.

The Hunt to Arm Ukraine Leads to Difficult Choices

The U.S. and NATO are scouring the world for new sources of old weapons to send to Ukraine. But it risks as much peril for some nations as it does promise for Kyiv.

Inside Europe Oct. 13.2022

NATO members ask if boosting Ukraine's air defense threatens their own security

Can NATO allies arm both Ukraine and themselves?

Ukrainian armed forces: Russian soldiers poorly equipped

Whisper it — Russia Begins to Discuss Defeat

NATO's eastern-flank allies discuss ways to protect critical infrastructure

President, defence minister attend test of Poland’s new Patriot air defence system

EU to start training Ukrainian troops in Poland in November

Poland welcomes 7.05 million refugees from Ukraine

New minister for European Union affairs

P.M. Morawiecki criticizes the European Union

Poland says a leak on an oil pipeline was probably an accident.

News of the episode raised energy security concerns, but a Polish energy official said there was no reason to suspect sabotage.

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