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Media Watch- November 5

Poland demands WWII reparations from Germany!


Russia hopes Israel-Hamas war will deflect attention from Ukraine: Polish deputy FM


Debacle: Getting Russia Wrong

The countries that knew best warned the rest of us for decades. We didn’t listen


Russia's Medvedev calls Poland 'dangerous enemy,' warns NATO member could lose its statehood


A US That Forgets its Friends Invites Defeat

Providing help to Ukraine remains an absolutely crucial element of Western strategic policy.


Negotiations around the candidacy of the new Speaker of the Sejm


Losing power PiS will counterattack in spring?


In Poland’s politics, a ‘social civil war’ brewed as Facebook rewarded online anger


EU countries determined to enlarge bloc: Polish FM


New helicopters for Polish air force


Warsaw high in the ranking of the most pleasant cities


The scientific community wants big changes

Scientists are calling for the creation of two separate ministries: Science and Higher Education and Education in place of the existing Ministry of Education and Science.


‘Lempicka,’ New Musical About Art Deco Artist, to Open on Broadway


Poland honours All Saints’ Day

Poles are observing the Catholic All Saints’ Day on Wednesday, visiting the graves of their loved ones, as is national tradition, often making long journeys to their hometowns to do so.


Her Clothes? Fabulous. Her Face? A Fungus.

Ewa Juszkiewicz’s paintings depict well-dressed women whose faces are hidden by mushrooms, textiles and wild hairdos.


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