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Media Watch- May 21

Poland intensifies push for WWII damages from Germany

The legal questions behind Poland’s claim for war reparations from Germany

Ukraine is defending Europe’s freedom: Polish PM

Polish president urges NATO, EU to give security guarantees to Ukraine

The Latest Rift Among Ukraine’s Allies Is Whether to Send F-16s

The United States is resisting a European push for the powerful fighters. But will it relent, as it did before with tanks, rocket launchers and air defense missiles?

US to back sending F-16 jets to Ukraine

The United States has told allies it will allow them to provide American-made F-16 and other advanced fighter jets to help Ukraine fight the Russian invasion, marking a major boost for Kyiv.

Bowing to pressure, Biden relents on F-16s to Ukraine

Ukraine May Be Finally Getting the F-16s It Asked For. Why Did It Want Them?

Defense spending has skyrocketed

Italian missile destroyer to help protect Poland's Baltic coast

Polish president urges 'register of damage' for Russia's war in Ukraine

Europe creates 'register of damage' for Russia's war in Ukraine

Russia spreading disinformation to divide Polish society: security official

It's time to put Putin on the defensive

Poland urges China to put pressure on Russia to end war in Ukraine

NATO exercise in Poland helps deter Russia: defence minister

The Polish defence minister has said that NATO’s Griffin Shock exercise under way in northern Poland was sending "a strong message to Russia" not to "attack NATO territory.”

Polish official says object that entered airspace was Russian-made rocket

Motion for a vote of no confidence in Defense Minister

Polish news websites targeted by cyberattack

Polish investigation against former German chancellor

Poles leaving UK to return home as economy booms

Warsaw fights over gender definition

At Sobibor, a filmmaker unearths Nazi Germany’s attempts to cover up its crimes

Auschwitz museum begins emotional work of conserving 8,000 shoes of murdered children

From World Wars to the Cold War to Ukraine: How Central Europe Survives

BOOK REVIEW: 'The Middle Kingdoms: A New History of Central Europe' by Martyn Rady

A Centuries-Old Mystery: Did This Elusive Viking City Exist?

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