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Media Watch- March 6

Poland ready to deploy its fighter aircraft to US base: FM

Poland is ready to place its MIG-29 fighters at the disposal of the US government, Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau said on Tuesday

Polish fighter jets to go to Kiev?

Pentagon says Poland's jet offer for Ukraine 'not tenable'

Ukraine: US top diplomat visits Poland amid refugee crisis

In U-turn on migrant policy, Poland rolls out welcome mat for Ukrainians

Poland is warmly welcoming Ukrainians fleeing the war in sharp contrast to its treatment of previous waves of refugees from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. What explains the difference?

Miles-long lines, the kindness of strangers, an uncertain future: Scenes from the Ukraine-Poland border

Biden sends Harris to Poland and Romania amid global crisis

The vice president will promise aid and support to Eastern European allies as part of an urgent effort to keep NATO united

Poland’s First Lady calls on Russian women to help stop the war in Ukraine

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