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Media Watch- July 30

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Wagner Group's redeployment to Belarus poses 'expected threat': Polish defense minister

Russia’s Wagner forces in Belarus pose no threat to Poland, Ukraine: analysis, according to the Institute for the Study of War, a US think tank.

US responds to Lukashenko’s remarks about Wagner forces wanting ‘an excursion’ to Poland

Wagner forces are in Belarus to create crises against Poland: ruling party leader

Wagner mercenaries in Belarus move closer to the Polish border, Poland's prime minister says

Attack on Poland’s border with Belarus was a prelude to attack on Ukraine: PM

Poland's ruling party leader vows to protect the EU border with Russia's ally Belarus

NATO’s most vulnerable front-line states face a rising Russian threat

Poland creates new rocket-artillery force

The Polish government has established a new brigade of rocket artillery forces to strengthen Poland’s defences against the threat from Russia.

Warsaw, Kyiv stand united against Russian imperialism: Ukraine’s FM

Russia's ambassador to be summoned to the Foreign Ministry

Poland to get additional seat in European Parliament

Poland praised by UK media for its support for Ukraine

British media are commending Poland for its support for Ukraine’s fight against the Russian invasion, for welcoming Ukrainian refugees and for its fast-growing economy, according to a UK expert.

Don’t Give Poland a Pass

Warsaw’s Support for Ukraine Should Not Obscure Its Assault on Democracy at home.

How much does it cost the Polish state to support a refugee

Poland's population constantly shrinking despite pro-family policy

Billionaire wants to buy Malta Festival Poznan

Recalling Zbigniew Herbert

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