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Media Watch- February 26

Remarks by President Biden and President Andrzej Duda of Poland After Bilateral Meeting “1.6, 1.7 million Ukrainians you’ve welcomed” [Biden is way behind: it’s now almost 10 million – TM] Biden in Warsaw says US needs Poland as much as Poland needs US President Biden’s Trip to Poland - Warsaw: Key Issues Stanford Professor [former US Ambassador to Russi] assesses Biden's trip Biden's visit sent message to investors that ‘Poland is safe’: Duda Biden Vows to Defend NATO Allies as Putin Courts China President Biden’s visit to Europe ended with a show of support for NATO members on the alliance’s eastern flank. Putin and Biden Shore Up Alliances in Dueling Appearances On the surface, it looked like a reversion to the Cold War era. The reality was even more complicated. Statement of the Bucharest Nine War in Ukraine Has Changed Europe Forever No event has transformed the continent more profoundly since the end of the Cold War, and there is no going back now. Six ways the war changed the world. The ripple effects of Russia’s invasion have reordered lives and upended economies. Here are some of the consequences. History as Ammunition On the anniversary of Russia’s full-scale onslaught on Ukraine, CEPA senior advisor Edward Lucas looks at the uses and abuses of history. [Long. But worth the read – TM] Ukraine war wouldn’t take so long if Biden would commit to victory Biden has been too slow getting critical weapon systems to Ukraine “if smaller countries like the Baltics and Poland can provide such outsized support to Ukraine, larger ones have no excuse not to.” ‘Poland extended its helping hand without hesitation’: Ukrainian envoy Poland has taken in 10.03 million refugees from Ukraine [However, most of them have moved on to other countries or returned to Ukraine – TM] Poland delivers first Leopard tanks to Ukraine Poland’s defence minister has said that his country has delivered its first batch of Leopard 2 main battle tanks to help Ukraine fight Russia. Poland was once an outcast in Europe. Then Russia invaded Ukraine. No One in Europe Is Telling Poland to ‘Shut Up’ Now Having been proved right about Russia, Warsaw is savoring its newfound influence in NATO and on Ukraine policy. More American troops in Poland? America sees Poland as model for others to follow: Polish UN envoy Russia halts oil supplies to Poland Consequences of Putin’s war go beyond its implications for Russia While the war itself has proven disastrous for Moscow, the geopolitical outcome for Russia is, if anything, even worse. Five Big Lessons From Russia’s War Against Ukraine Germany needs to take reparation-minded Poles seriously Shrugging off Poland’s demands may be legally right, but morally, Germany still has a debt to pay, and it must heed these grievances. How Poland is leading efforts to help Ukraine Video interview with Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC Poland is disarming itself by supporting Ukraine? Some of the Best Weapons in the World Are Now in Ukraine. They May Change the War. Poland is on a quest to have Europe’s strongest military — with U.S. arms How Poland, Long Leery of Foreigners, Opened Up to Ukrainians The West Tried to Isolate Russia. It Didn’t Work. The Problem With Russia Is Russia A Year of Lies: Russia’s Information War Against Ukraine Putin Against the Clock Russia’s supposedly short, victorious war is proving lengthy and lethal. Among the casualties is the Putin regime’s credibility. European Commission sues Poland over copyright law A Poet Whose Tone Was Personal and Whose Vision Was Vast “True Life,” a collection of verse by the Polish poet Adam Zagajewski, arrives in English translation almost exactly two years after his death.

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