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Media Watch- December 10

Poland prepares military response to militarization of Kaliningrad enclave


Truck Stop: Ukraine’s Border Blockade


Polish FM urges EU steps to help resolve border transport dispute with Ukraine


Poland seeks return of EU permits for Ukrainian haulers, but Brussels opposed


Frontline Troops in Ukraine Feel Bite of Polish Truckers’ Protest

A border blockade by haulers angry that the European Union has suspended a permit system for their Ukrainian counterparts has led to problems with deliveries of wartime supplies.


Estonia ready to help resolve the Polish-Ukrainian border problem


Poland's economy is accelerating

In November, Polish industry stood out positively against the weakening countries of the European Union


Migration boosts Poland's thriving economy, studies reveal

In the past 25 years, Poland has emerged as Europe's growth champion, boasting some of the continent's fastest GDP growth and ranking as the sixth-largest economy in the European Union.


'If Putin takes Ukraine, he won’t stop there': US president


Germany shared NATO data with Russia: report

During work on the Russia-to-Germany Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, German officials provided the Russian gas company Gazprom with sensitive data on NATO submarines in the Baltic Sea, a Polish website has reported, citing German media.


Fears of a NATO Withdrawal Rise as Trump Seeks a Return to Power


Putin holding out for Trump victory?

A Biden official has suggested Putin will wait for the US 2024 election results hoping to negotiate better peace terms under a Trump administration.


The Cornerstone of Europe and Indo-Pacific Conventional Deterrence Is Also the Indo-Pacific’s


Poland to continue drive against EU treaty changes: FM

Polish FM” Poland will press ahead with efforts to build a coalition of countries against planned changes to European Union treaties, which are likely to be discussed by the bloc's leaders in the spring


Poland's top lawmaker, US envoy discuss energy, security

Poland's parliamentary Speaker has met with the American ambassador to Warsaw and the two talked about security, energy policy and international relations.


When will the new government be formed?


Andrzej Duda at COP28

The Polish president, in his speech at the COP28 Conference in Dubai, stressed that nuclear energy is essential for the implementation of ambitious climate plans, and its use can protect the Earth.


Polish president named second-most trusted foreign leader in Ukraine[ Biden is first]


Polish FM warns Hungary about deals with Russia

Poland's foreign minister has met with his Hungarian counterpart and cautioned the government in Budapest against engaging in economic cooperation with Russia amid the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine


Polish army, Microsoft combat Russian hacker group

The Polish army has teamed up with US tech giant Microsoft to neutralise a Russia-sponsored hacker group that had obtained unauthorized access to email accounts within Microsoft Exchange servers


Polish archbishop urges pope to resist German church demands


Poland's polonaise dance makes UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List


Poland's former President Lech Walesa, 80, hospitalized with COVID-19


People of sport react to the IOC decision welcoming Russia and Belarus back at the Olympics


The Master Forgers Who Saved Thousands of Lives During World War II

From the Polish embassy in Switzerland came a campaign that spared many from Nazi extermination.


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