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Media Watch- September 10

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) on Poland in the Congressional Record, Sep. 6 2023

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The Polish American Congress Statement — Commemoration of the 84th anniversary of German invasion of Poland and the start of WWII.

Polish deputy FM says Germany must pay for WWII

US top diplomat thanks Poland for supporting Ukraine

The United States Secretary of State has thanked Poland for “generous ongoing assistance” for Ukraine’s war effort against the Russian invasion.

Poland supports Ukraine because 'free Ukraine means free Poland': defence minister

NATO should respond more aggressively to Russia, says Polish general

Belarus Wages Low-Level War on its Neighbors

Hybrid warfare is often low-level but that doesn’t diminish the threat. The behavior of Belarus proves the point.

Station U.S. Troops in Poland, Not Germany

Warsaw and other allies on NATO’s eastern flank are vital to deterrence and are pulling their weight.

Poland to spend over 4% of GDP on defence in 2024

US Congress OKs sale of 96 Apache helicopters to Poland

Poland orders EUR 22 bn worth of new military hardware

Every inch of Polish territory is secure and protected: US ambassador

Polish support for Ukraine brings lessons, but also risks

Warsaw is learning just what is killing its donated field guns, and battling Russian spy rings back home.

Romanian minister says drone pieces from Russian attacks in Ukraine found in the NATO member

NATO expresses ‘strong solidarity’ with Romania over drone incident near Ukraine border

The West’s Reliance on Russian Nuclear Fuel Funds Moscow’s War

Polish FM, US state secretary discuss Ukraine war, European security

The Demise of Putin’s Little Non-NATO

Two decades after it was founded, the post-Soviet Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) is fracturing, emphasizing the Kremlin’s weakening hold on its neighbors.

Polish president hails Three Seas Initiative summit as Greece joins club

Three Seas Initiative is the engine of eastern Europe: Polish President

Poland's ruling party makes election pledge to revamp communist-era housing

Poland's political parties reveal campaign programs before the Oct 15 general election

EU may place Poland under excessive deficit procedure

Vatican holds unprecedented beatification of Polish family of 9 killed for hiding Jews

Will AI topple the European Tower of Babel?

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing translation. The European Union and its institutions could benefit.

Polish PM on the anniversary of the outbreak of World War II

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